Master Plan

The Need

In January 2014, the City and Lake Pueblo State Park will begin coordinating efforts to determine long-term use of the Honor Farm property. Both entities own adjoining property in the area and share many of the same issues and concerns on the area’s usage. 

The City and the State have not authorized off-highway vehicle (OHV) use on their properties and will join forces to develop a management plan for the entire Honor Farm property. The goal for the plan is to provide a premiere open-space and recreational area that is safe and enjoyable for Southern Colorado. 

OHV riding is not permitted and the City will continue to educate the public about the values of the conservation easement as well as the upcoming planning process. Pueblo Motorsports Park will remain open for scheduled racing events.

Adopted Plan

The adopted Master Plan for the property identifies a large area dedicated to the OHV user (see the City’s Park and Recreation website). In order to open an OHV area that complies with the provisions of the conservation easement, the City would need to establish a trail head, fencing, and develop a designated motorized trail system.

Funding is currently not in place for the City to undertake the development of a designated OHV trail system, along with the associated ongoing maintenance and other operational expenses.
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