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Lottery Proceeds Impacting Pueblo

2015 El Centro del Quinto Sol - Skate Park
Skate Park Rules
Park Hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
For non-emergency concerns, call Park Ranger Hotline: 719-553-2700 www.Puebloparks.us
Skate Park Rules and Regulations
2. Use of safety equipment including; helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, wrist supports and
3. The City of Pueblo reserves the right to revoke use of site privileges for individuals who do
not follow the rules and who are inconsiderate to the rights of other park patrons
4. No skating outside of designated areas. (General Park Areas)
5. No makeshift items or modifications to existing ramps and like items are permitted
2015 El Centro del Quinto Sol - Skate Park
2015 El Centro del Quinto Sol - Skate Park
El Centro del Quinto Sol
Skate Park
2015 El Centro del Quinto Sol - Skate Park
City Park Dog Park wins
Colorado Lottery's Starburst Award again!
The City has a long history of projects receiving the Colorado Lottery Starburst Award dating back to 1996:

  • 2015 - City Park Dog Park
  • 2012 - City Park Shelters & Kiddie Ride Shade Structure Enhancement Project
  • 2011 - Pueblo Ice Arena
  • 2010 - Lake Minnequa Park and Open Space Project Phase I
  • 2009 - Pueblo Ice Arena
  • 2008 - City Park Dog Park
  • 2006 - Bessemer Park Pool Bathhouse Replacement Project
  • 2005 - Pueblo Blvd Bike Trail Replacement
  • 2004 - Mineral Palace Park Playground Replacement
  • 2003 - City Park Playground Replacement
  • 2002 - Langoni Sports Complex Restrooms
  • 2001 - City Park’s Historic Carousel Ticket Office
  • 2000 - Sgt Blake Harris Skate Park
  • 1999 - City Park Disc Golf Course
  • 1998 - City Park Tennis Complex Renovation
  • 1996 - City Park Train Track Extension

Pueblo Parks and Recreation - City Park Dog Park
Pueblo Parks and Recreation - City Park Dog Park

City to Construct New Bath House at City Park Pool     

 Two architect renderings of the proposed bath house follow:

Architect Rendering - City Park Pool
Architect Rendering - City Park Pool
2015 City Park Proposed New Bath House
Updated Fountain River Trail Closure

The Fountain Creek Trail is washed out and impassible in two areas. The first area is just north of state highway 47. The second area is from 11th street to 13th street. These two areas of the trail were washed away in the flooding we experienced last summer. Trail users wishing to transit these areas must use an alternate route.

Fountain River Trail Closure Areas 111615 3
Pueblo Parks and Recreation, 800 Goodnight Ave. Pueblo, CO 81004, (719) 553-2790, www.puebloparks.us