Our Community

  1. About the City

    About the City

    1. City Ordinances

    2. Demographics

    3. FAQs

      Read the frequently asked questions of the city.

    4. History of Pueblo

      Review the history of Pueblo.

    5. Holidays & Closures

      The City of Pueblo government will be closed certain days.

    6. State, Federal & Local Resources

      Peruse through different state, federal, and local resources.

  2. Business & Community Development

    Business & Community Development

    1. Bureau of Public Works

      Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the Pueblo Community by providing safe, compliant, and efficient public infrastructure solutions.

    2. Business Licenses

      Anyone conducting any type of business or making deliveries within the city limits of Pueblo is required to obtain a business license

    3. Economic Development

      The City of Pueblo is committed to helping area businesses, prospective businesses, and area residents take advantage of the city's many opportunities.

    4. The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

      The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer-driven organization...

    5. The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo

      The Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo is a dynamic business organization committed to promoting opportunity, growth, and progress...

    6. Land Use Administration

      Preserve and enhance Pueblo’s unique qualities

    7. Liquor & Cabaret Licenses

      Providing technical assistance to all individuals in the completion of the legal requirements relating to the lengthy application process...

    8. PEDCO

      Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO)

    9. The Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG)

      ...is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

    10. Pueblo Regional Building

      The Pueblo Regional Building Department is dedicated to promoting and preserving building safety through professional and courteous service.

    11. Real Estate Locator

      Find different real estate that is available.

    12. Sales Tax

      File City sales taxes here.

  3. Community Resources

    Community Resources

    1. Apps (Mobile)

      Free Government Apps for iOS, Android,and Mobile Web

    2. Bank & Credit Union Locator

      Find bank and credit union locations. As well as hours of operation, phone numbers, and routing numbers.

    3. Employment Opportunities

      Browse through employment opportunities.

    4. Gas Stations

      Look for gas? Here is a good list of gas staions in the area.

    5. Government Access Channel 17

      Access the Government Access Channel 17.

    6. Library

      List of local libraries in Pueblo

    7. Maps

      Maps of the City of Pueblo

    8. News

    9. Post Office

      Post office locations.

    10. Recycling

      Find where to recycle your Aluminum Cans to Yard Waste

    11. Schools

      Learn about the different schools within the community.

    12. Senior Resources

      Access senior resources.

    13. Weather

      Learn what the weather is in Pueblo.

    14. YMCA

      The YMCA OF PUEBLO is a charitable organization that offers the premier community experience in Pueblo to everybody.

    15. YWCA

      We are the oldest and largest multiracial women's organization in the world. We have always been, and will continue to be, leaders for racial justice and women's empowerment.

  4. Discover Pueblo

    Discover Pueblo

    1. Attractions

      Looking for something fun the whole family can enjoy? Check out these local attractions.

    2. City Maps

      The City of Pueblo GIS section provides maps and data to the citizens of our community.

    3. Events

      Browse events that are happening in the community.

    4. Memorial Hall

      Explore the Memorial Hall.

    5. Parks & Facilities

      Discover the different parks and facilities.

    6. Photo Gallery

      Look through photos of the city.

    7. Recreation

      Learn more about the different recreational programs and facilities in the community.

  1. Eat, Drink, and Stay

    Eat, Drink, and Stay

    1. Bars / Taverns

      Quench your thirst at our many pubs around Pueblo.

    2. Places to Stay

      Whether you are looking for a full service hotel or an inexpensive motel, Pueblo has you covered.

    3. Places to Eat

      Are you hungry? Visit one our many restaurants. We have something for everyone!

  2. Entertainment


    1. Art Galleries

      Whether your passion is oils, acrylics, stone or glass, the Art Galleries found in our City have what you are looking for. Be inspired!

    2. Pueblo Art in Public Places

      Art in public places takes many shapes, forms, sizes, styles, and is made from a wide variety of materials. Public art is planned and executed with the intention of being exhibited in public spaces, usually outside and accessible to everyone.

    3. Bowling

      If bowling is your favorite way to unwind, you’ll find plenty of opportunities in Southern Colorado and the Pikes Peak Region.

    4. Golf Courses

      Golfing enthusiasts will find that Pueblo’s consistently balmy weather means more days to enjoy a day on the links.

    5. Kiddie Rides

      The Rides at City Park are still the best deal in town with ride tickets just 25¢ apiece! Watch for special holiday events!

    6. Memorial Hall

      Enjoy an evening of music, comedy, or drama at the newly remodeled Memorial Hall. Entertainment at its best!

    7. Miniature Golf

      We've got Miniature golf for you! A sport you can play whether you’re six or eighty-six. Fun for the entire family!

    8. Movie Theater

      Wondering if that movie you’ve heard so much about is playing in Pueblo? Click on for movie times, tickets, directions, trailers and much more!

    9. Museums

      History with a Southern Colorado touch. Museums in our community cover everything from the ancient Native American culture, the steel industry, and more!

    10. Public Pools

      What’s summer without a day of lazing by the pool? Pueblo has four pools to cool off from the summer heat.

    11. Zoo

      The Pueblo Zoo brings an appreciation and understanding of the natural world to the Pueblo community.

  3. Get Involved

    Get Involved

    1. Boards & Commissions

      The City of Pueblo's boards and commissions offer the public a chance to become involved in different aspects of local government.

    2. Community Organizations

      Get involve with your community. Volunteer!

    3. Community Outreach

      Curious about how your city is working to engage it's citizens? Check out these initiatives.

  4. Public Safety & Health

    Public Safety & Health

    1. Animal Control

      Learn about Animal Control in the city.

    2. Code Enforcement

      The Pueblo Police Department Code Enforcement Unit is dedicated to the clean up of Pueblo.

    3. Emergency Preparedness

      Resources that are designed to help you, the citizen be prepared in the event that a disaster hits.

    4. Fire Department

      It is the PFD's responsibility to protect the life and property residents and visitors to the City of Pueblo

    5. Food Safety Programs

      Pueblo County's home for the latest food safety news

    6. Health Department

      Committed to promoting the health and protecting the environment of Pueblo County.

    7. Hospitals & Urgent Care Facilities

      For immediate medical service for emergencies or outside of regular office hours.

    8. Municipal Court

      The Pueblo Municipal Court is the court created by the Charter for the City of Pueblo...

    9. Police Department

      The PPD is responsible for the preservation of public peace, crime prevention, protection of rights...

    10. Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

      Serving and protecting the County of Pueblo

    11. 10th Judicial District / Pueblo County Courtrs

    12. Senior Care Services

      Get the care for a senior at one of these facilities.

  5. Shopping


    1. Antique Shops

      Find your treasures in one of our many Antique shops here in Pueblo.

    2. Convenience Stores

      Need a quart of milk? Maybe a Slurpee? Find a convenience store close by.

    3. Department Stores

      Sears, Walmart, Kohl's, and much, much more!

    4. Grocers & Food Markets

      Local supermarkets and specialty stores.

    5. Shopping Centers / Malls

      Find what you need here!

    6. Wines & Spirits

      You want Bourbon? Want Scotch? Want Beer? Find them here!

  6. Utilities


    1. Online Bill Pay

      Pay your bills online.

    2. Trash & Recycling

      Keep Pueblo clean! And don't forget to recycle!

    3. Utilities

      Electric, Gas, Water, & Phone