Honor Farm

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The "Honor Farm" was part of the Colorado State Insane Asylum during the early days. Dairy and other agricultural operations were conducted by patients as a function of the hospital. 

After patients were reorganized and centralized at the main hospital campus, agricultural operations ceased and the farm was transferred to the State of Colorado for use as and Honor Farm. This too was discontinued eventually.
Use Area Map
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After leasing the property for over 20 years, the City of Pueblo purchased 2,300 acres of the Honor Farm Park and Open Space property in June of 2001 from the State of Colorado. The purchase of the property is subject to a Conservation Easement granted to the State of Colorado by the city that prohibits private development, restricts the uses of the property to Public Park and open space, and requires the city to preserve the conservation and environmental values of the property. The state is the owner of the southern1,800 acres of the Honor Farm property.

Prohibited Items

According to the Conservation Easement, motorized vehicles, motorbikes, and any all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are prohibited uses of the property. Motorized vehicles are allowed within the Pueblo Motorsports Park area leased to FAASST Motorsports. The city is required to prevent any activity on the property that is inconsistent with the intent of the Conservation Easement. Some of the approved activities on the park and open space area include recreational hiking and non-motorized bicycling and organized events at the dirt oval track. 

 Prohibited uses include: 

  • Dumping of trash
  • Motorized use by the public on the property except on designated roads and trails
  • Removal of vegetation

Currently there are no “designated” roads or trails on the property; except for the asphalt road that leads to the race facility.


  • Fines and Fees
  • Report any illegal dumping that you observe on the property by calling 719-553-2700