El Centro del Quinto Sol Skate Park

Skater at El Centro Skate Park

El Centro del Quinto Sol Skate Park
Park Hours: 6:00am-10:00pm
For non-emergency concerns, call Park Ranger Hotline: (719)553-2700.

Skate Park Rules:

2. Use of safety equipment, including helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads, wrist supports and proper shoes is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
3. The City of Pueblo reserves the right to revoke use of site privileges for individuals who do not follow the rules and who are inconsiderate to the rights of other park patrons
4. No skating outside of designated areas. (General Park Areas)
5. No makeshift items or modifications to existing ramps and like items are permitted

General Park Rules and Regulations:

Permits are required for use of any ball field, park facility, bounce house, special event or gatherings of 100 persons or More
In accordance with Pueblo Municipal Code, Section 10-1-13 or otherwise noted, in any park or property, it shall be unlawful:

1. For any person to knowingly obstruct, hinder, or interfere with a Park Ranger acting under their official authority (Sec. 11-1-502)
2. To fail or refuse to comply with the rules and regulations of the Park and Recreation Director.
3. To permit any dog or other animal to run at large; all animals must be on a leash and controlled by the person in                 charge.
4. To drive or permit any vehicle or horse on paths, trails, sidewalks, or planted areas, except where posted.
5. For any person to damage or destroy parks property including:

   a. Dumping or depositing garbage or litter, or depositing garbage generated offsite (Sec.10-1-17)
   b. Injuring or disturbing any fish, fowl or animals;
   c. Removing, destroying, or injuring vegetation;
   d. Defacing buildings, structures, and facilities; or
   e. Digging, removing, or carrying away earthen material.

6. For any person to engage in commercial activity including:
   a. Displaying commercial signage; or
   b. Sale of goods, wares, or merchandise.

7. To do any act offensive offensive to public morals and decency.
8. To engage in any activity that is dangerous or disturbs other persons.
9. To build fires, except in is designated fireplaces or grills.
10. To erect a booth, tent, stall, or other structure without permit.
11. To possess or consume alcoholic beverages without permit.
12. To move picnic tables.
13. To operate a motorized vehicle on any area of the river trail or bike path system (Sec. 10-1-16)