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Our instructional youth programs encourage fun, personal excellence, and sportsmanship while preparing youth with the fundamental skills to progress successfully into competitive sports. All players will receive equal playing time and be given the opportunity to play different positions. Respect for players, coaches, and officials is required.


Programs offered include:


Our department also offers numerous nationally recognized youth athletic skills competitions. The competitions are free and offered throughout the year. For a brief description of the competition plus registration information, see below: 

How to Become a Volunteer Coach

Do you want to be a mentor to children? Become a volunteer coach! Pueblo Parks and Recreation Youth Sports would be unable to operate without volunteer coaches. Pueblo Parks and Recreation is continually seeking volunteer coaches for all youth sports.

All coaches must turn in a background check, volunteer contract, coach certification test and concussion test and must be approved by Pueblo Parks and Recreation. All coaches will be notified by email if selected to be a coach and all coaches must attend a coaches meeting. All head coaches that volunteer for a full season will receive a credit of $30 that may be used for the program of their choice. One assistant coach that volunteers for full season will receive a credit of $10 that may be used for the program of their choice. 

To become a volunteer coach, register! Teams are formed based on number of volunteer coaches.

Coach's Code of Ethics

Parent's Code of Ethics