Fountain Creek Flood Control & Greenway District Governing Board


  • As Called
  • Alli Schuch, Interim Executive Director


This Governing Board is comprised of 9 directors appointed by the Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners. The members serve 4-year terms, except for the first year in which 1/3 of the Directors serve a 2-year term.

City of Pueblo

  • Larry Atencio, Council Representative 
  • Dennis E. Flores (Alternate), Council Representative

County of Pueblo

  • Daneya Esgar, Commissioner
  • Zach Swearingen (Alternate), Commissioner 

County of El Paso

  • Stan VanDerwerf, Commissioner 

City of Colorado Springs

  • Nancy Henjum

City of Fountain

  • Tamara Estes, Chair
  • Detra Duncan (Alternate)

Lower Arkansas Valley Conservancy District or Pueblo County Citizen

  • Jessica Mills

Small Municipalities Representative of El Paso County Citizen

  • Jim Romanello

Citizen at Large - Joint City/County Appointment

  • Robert Barr

Member of the Citizen Advisory Group - Joint El Paso County/Pueblo County Appointment

  • Terry Hart
  • Mary Barber (Alternate)

Alternate Director Appointed by Joint El Paso County / Pueblo County

  • Anthony Nunez

About the Board

The Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District Governing Board seeks approval of special legislation to establish the Watershed District, and at the appropriate time, to place a funding measure on the ballot to provide for long term funding of the Watershed District in order to manage, administer, and fund the capital improvements and maintenance projects necessary to improve drainage, mitigate flooding, sedimentation, and erosion, address water quality issues, and develop public recreational opportunities including parks and trails in the Watershed.

Apply for the Board

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