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Being a law enforcement officer or fire fighter is not just a job. It is a calling a noble choice, a courageous choice. Daily, these public servants risk their lives to protect us and make our community a better place to live. Sometimes, they pay the ultimate price.

The Hundred Club is a low-profile, volunteer philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting the spouses and dependents of law enforcement officers and fire fighters killed in the line of duty. The Hundred Club of Pueblo provides an opportunity to give something back to the families of those who give their all to protect our safety. When a peace officer or firefighter in the Pueblo area loses his or her life in the line of duty, The Hundred Club of Pueblo immediately provides financial assistance to the surviving spouse and dependents to help keep future hopes and dreams alive. Hundred Club members realize that money can never make up for the loss of a loved one, but it can be helpful in covering immediate expenses and preparing for the future. Additionally, members of the Hundred Club are experts in various fields and are available to advise and counsel families in a wide range of areas without cost or obligation.

Purpose of the Organization

The Hundred Club does not solicit nor seek publicity in any form, nor do they solicit funds for contributions. The clear, undiluted purpose of the organization is to provide a measure of comfort to those who daily risk their lives in the service of others.

Pueblo has lost many public safety heroes throughout our community's history. However, there was no Hundred Club to render aid to their families prior to May 17, 1995, when the Hundred Club of Pueblo was initiated and incorporated by Jerome "Jerry" Lindberg. The initial officers were Jerry Lindberg, Jim Colzani, Ron Erjavic, and Richard Seul. The original Board of Directors was comprised of the following community members:
  • Ruben Archuleta
  • Dan Corsentino
  • Maggie Divelbiss
  • Geoffrey Gordon
  • Levert Hoag
  • Bob Johnston
  • Greg Miller
  • David Napier
  • Mike Stillman
  • Ken West
Today the Board of Directors of the Hundred Club of Pueblo includes the following individuals:
  • Dave Napier (President)
  • Troy Davenport (Vice-President)
  • Shawn Shelton (Treasurer)
  • Jerry McPherson (Secretary)
  • Jim Billings
  • Hal Butts
  • Scott Copley
  • Bob Fredregill
  • David Michaud
  • Andy Trainor
  • Richard Seul
  • Robert Silva
  • Scott Robb
  • Luis Velez
  • Dale Villers
  • Ken West

Joining the Club

Community members are invited to become involved in this worthwhile endeavor. Your involvement requires minimal effort and you receive maximal satisfaction. Each year in October, the Hundred Club holds a short meeting, followed by dinner and a prominent speaker. The evening is highlighted by awards presented to law enforcement officers and firefighters for acts of heroism, bravery and exceptional service. The annual membership dues for the Hundred Club is $100 ($200 / couple). The Hundred Club of Pueblo invites you to join other public spirited, civic minded leaders in making a difference in the lives of families of our fallen heroes. The sense of fulfillment you will receive is a reward that money cannot buy!

To learn more about being a Hundred Club member, please send an email expressing an interest in joining to and you will be contacted by 1 of the board members.
Pueblo's Fallen Public Safety Heroes

Year Name
Place of Employment
1879 Alvin Phippenney Pueblo Police Department
1884 Casper Zweifel Pueblo Police Department
1891 Robert Krague Pueblo Fire Department
1903 Silas Martz Pueblo Police Department
1903 Elwin Slater Pueblo Police Department
1906 William Shellman Pueblo Police Department
1909 Frederick Barner Pueblo Police Department
1909 John Dunleavy Pueblo Police Department
1918 William Green Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
1919 Jeff Evans Pueblo Police Department
1920 Addison Hinsdale, Jr. Pueblo Police Department
1945 Joseph Robeda Pueblo Fire Department
1949 William DeLong Pueblo Fire Department
1949 Harold Bechtelheimer Colorado State Patrol
1967 Gerald Williams Colorado State Patrol
1968 Larry Enloe Colorado State Patrol
1973 Thomas Hanson Pueblo Police Department
1979 Frances Galvin Colorado State Patrol
1987 Charles Fry Colorado State Patrol
2001 Jack Fowler Pueblo West Fire Department
2008 Nicholas Heine Pueblo Police Department
2009 Richard Mark Pueblo Fire Department
2010 Eddie Rhodes Pueblo Police Department
2012 John Barger Pueblo Police Department
2012 Warren Watts Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
2012 Leide DeFusco Pueblo County Sheriff's Office