Support Services Division

The Support Services Division is composed of the Communications Center, the Records Section, Property and Evidence Section, Fleet Services and Building Maintenance.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Support Services Division, you can contact the Division Supervisor: Captain Kenny Rider at 719-553-2594.

 Communications Center

The Communications Center is responsible for the following:

  • Processing 911 Calls
  • Dispatching All Police and Fire Calls Within the City
  • Handling Administrative Calls for Service and Field Administrative Calls for the Police and Fire Departments as well as After-Hours Calls for Other City Departments
  • Launching Emergency Telephone Notifications
  • Entering Information For:
    • Missing Persons
    • Runaways
    • Stolen Vehicles
    • Querying Persons
    • Vehicles
    • Articles
    • Securities
    • Plates
    • Housing
  • Confirming Warrants Issued by Pueblo Municipal Court
  • Providing Pre arrival Instructions for Medical Calls
  • Maintaining the Special Needs Registry
  • Monitoring the Internal Security System for the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Communications Center, you can contact the Dispatch Manager, Kim Jeffries at 719-553-2520.

 Records Section

The Pueblo Police Department Records Section holds the task of storage, release and management of law enforcement information. The Records Section acts as a channel from which the public and other agencies can access police records.

The Records Section is responsible for the following:

  • Disseminating Police Reports
  • Conducting Criminal Background Checks
  • Registering and Updating Records of Sex Offenders
  • Managing Police Records for Submission to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Expunging and/or Sealing Arrest And Conviction Records Upon Notification by the Courts
  • Validating al Police Reports Completed by Police Officers (Ensuring Completeness and Accuracy)
  • Entering all Municipal Warrants
  • Processing all Mail and Phone Requests for Police Reports
  • Making Corrections as Needed to Charges on Background Checks
  • Correcting and Updating Names and Other Records in the Records Management System

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Records Section, you can contact the Records Manager, Jenna Ingo at 719-553-2575.

 Property and Evidence Section

The Property and Evidence Section is designated for receiving, tracking and securely storing all property and evidence collected by police officers.

The Property and Evidence Section is responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining Evidence and Making it Available for Laboratory Examination
  • Viewing and Examination by the Prosecution and Defense
  • Eventual Presentation in Court Proceedings
  • Preserving Evidence in the Same Form and Condition as It was When Originally Entered into the Section's Custody
  • Releasing and/or Disposing of Property and Evidence
  • Ordering and Dispersing Supplies Required by the Department for Daily Operation

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Property and Evidence Section, you can contact the Support Services Manager, Sgt. Randy Ramos at 719-553-2562.

 Fleet Services & Building Maintenance

Fleet Services and Building Maintenance is focused on working closely with the City of Pueblo Fleet Maintenance Department in the management of the Police Department's fleet of 180 marked and unmarked vehicles. Additionally, the unit is responsible for the general cleaning and maintenance of the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center as well as maintaining the state of the art technology and equipment contained in the building.