Training Section

It is a priority of the Pueblo Police Department to provide continuing education and training for the professional growth and development of its personnel. The mission of the Training Section is to provide and facilitate quality training to all personnel at the Pueblo Police Department. The Training Section’s goal is to offer training that meets or exceeds federal, state, local and POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) training requirements.

To accomplish the training goals of the Department, the Training Section is divided into four areas: Academy, In-Service Training, Firearms and the Central Mountain Training Region. The Academy Coordinator is responsible for all academies conducted at the Pueblo Police Department, mainly the Pueblo Police Department Law Enforcement Academy. The In-Service Coordinator is responsible for facilitating in-service training sessions and all in-house training conducted by outside sources. The Firearms Coordinator is responsible for all firearms training and qualifications.

The Pueblo Police Department is the host of the Central Mountain Training Region (CMTR), and the Department provides an officer to act as a coordinator for the program.