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Services Bureau

Organization & Bureau Responsibilities

The Services Bureau of the Pueblo Police Department is broken down into the following five divisions: Criminal Investigation Division, Special Investigation Division, Special Services Division, Support Services Division, and Community Services Division. Each division is supervised by a captain, and Deputy Chief Michael Bennett is the head of the entire bureau.

DC BennettDeputy Chief of Services

For the past thirteen years, Deputy Chief Michael Bennett has overseen the Services Bureau, which includes the Support Services, Special Services, Community Services, Special Investigations and Criminal Investigations Divisions, as well as the Administration Section of the Pueblo Police Department.

Responsibilities include the daily management of the Department’s $30.3 million annual budget (2018), all grants, Planning and Accreditation, Communications Center, Records, Property & Evidence, Fleet & Building management, Training and the Police Academy, Internal Affairs, School Resource Officers, Code Enforcement and SWAT.

Additionally, the Services Bureau also oversees a Crime Prevention Unit, Public Relations Unit, including a PIO, and a Volunteer Unit. From the Investigations side, Services Bureau includes responsibilities for the Criminal Investigations and Special Investigations Divisions and those units include Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Special Victims, High Tech Crimes Unit, Narcotics and Vice, DEA, ATF & FBI Task Force Officers, Crime Scene Investigations, and the Pueblo Metro Bomb Squad.  With the passage of Ballot Initiative 2B in late 2017, Deputy Chief Bennett will also oversee approximately $3.6 million in annual public safety expenditures for 24 new officer positions and their related expenses

Capt BravoCriminal Investigation Division

Captain Eric Bravo is a 29- year veteran of the Pueblo Police department. He has worked in Patrol, Narcotics, Investigations/Crimes Against Persons and most recently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as Commander. He spent 21 years on the SWAT team as both an operator and supervisor.

Captain Bravo holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Southern Colorado and a master’s degree in Executive Leadership/ Criminal Justice from CU Denver.

Capt BodmerSpecial Investigation Division

Captain Jeff Bodmer has worked for the Pueblo Police Department since September 1990. He is currently assigned as the Captain over the Special Investigation Division which consists of the SWAT Team, Crisis Negotiation Team, Bomb Squad, Identification Section, Narcotics Section, K9 Unit, Criminal Information Section, and DEA, ATF, FBI Task Force Involvements.

Over a 28-year career Captain Bodmer has had the opportunity to work several assignments throughout the Department including: patrol officer, field training officer, detective, firearms instructor, patrol sergeant, detective sergeant in the special operations section, detective sergeant in the narcotics/vice section, patrol watch commander, and his current assignment over the Special Investigation Division. Captain Bodmer has also been an instructor for the Pueblo Law Enforcement Academy for the past 20 years teaching firearms, building searches and active shooter response.

Captain Bodmer earned a bachelor of science degree from Colorado State University- Fort Collins, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy session 247 and actively seeks out on-going training and educational opportunities.

Capt TaylorSpecial Services Division

Captain Charlie Taylor has served at the Pueblo Police Department since 1997 and during that time has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of positions. In the past 22 years, he has served in patrol, the Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP), Narcotics, on the DEA task force, and SWAT.

In 2016, he transitioned into his current position as Captain of the Special Services Division, which encompasses Internal Affairs, Professional Standards and Training, School Resource Officers, and the Code Enforcement Unit.

He’s been honored to receive multiple commendations and awards throughout the years. He’s also currently pursuing his master’s degree and looks forward to future growth within the department.

Capt WilsonSupport Services Division

Captain Brett Wilson has served with the Pueblo Police Department since February of 1995. In the past twenty-four years, he has worked in the following assignments; Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation, the POP Unit, (Problem Oriented Policing), Training Unit and the SWAT Team as a Patrol Officer. As a Sergeant he worked in the following assignments; Traffic Unit, Special Victims Unit, Narcotics Unit and the SWAT Team.

He has served as Captain over the Support Services Division since April of 2012. The Support Services Division encompasses the Communication Center, Property & Evidence, Records Section, Fleet, Building Maintenance, and all Technology driven equipment for the Department.

He is the recipient of a Commendation Award from the Sons of the American Revolution and a two-time recipient of the Department Commendation award.

Capt RiderCommunity Services Division

Captain Kenny Rider has been a member of the Pueblo Police Department since 2001. Captain Rider has worked in several different areas throughout the Department, including the Patrol Division, Traffic Section, Crimes Against Property Section, Special Victims Section, Training Section, and most recently the Community Services Division.

Captain Rider was responsible for helping the Department achieve accredited status by the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in 2003, including two re-accreditation cycles since the original award date. Captain Rider was also responsible for helping the Department achieve accredited status by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. in 2017.

Captain Rider earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology/Criminology from the University of Southern Colorado in 2000, and he is also a 2012 graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 250.