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Code Enforcement Unit
The Pueblo Police Department Code Enforcement Unit is dedicated to the clean up of Pueblo. They deal with quality of life issues pertaining to zoning, health, and sanitation ordinances covered in the Pueblo Code of Ordinances. These issues mainly involve dealing with complaints about solid waste (litter), inoperable vehicles and weed ordinances. Our main objective is to get these violations corrected by voluntary compliance of property owners or in the case of non-compliance, the issuance of summonses and/or abatement of the property at owner expense. The unit is asked to render assistance to other units of the Police Department, as well as other city departments.

Our city codes play an important role in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of Pueblo's citizens. They also help to maintain the attractive appearance of our neighborhoods and protect property values. The mission of the Code Enforcement Unit is to ensure compliance with city ordinances in a fair and comprehensive manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Code Enforcement Unit, you can contact the
Code Enforcement Manager, Karen Willson at 719-553-2592.

Additional Resources

  • Pueblo City / County Health Department: Health and safety issues
    Ph: 719-583-4307
  • Pueblo Regional Building Department: Building regulations and condemnation
    Ph: 719-543-0002
  • Code Enforcement Officer: Weeds, trash, and junk vehicles, illegal home businesses, building setbacks, signs, and other code enforcement issues
    Ph: 719-553-2592
  • Public Works: Public rights of way issues (such as streets and sidewalks)
    Ph: 719-553-2295
  • Public Works Stormwater Utility: Illicit discharge of pollutants into the City's stormwater system
    Ph: 719-553-2899 or 719-553-2295