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City ordinances play an important role in protecting health and safety for the citizens of Pueblo. They also help to maintain the attractive appearance of our neighborhoods and protect property values. The goal of Code Enforcement is to create a partnership with citizens to enhance and improve the quality of life in the City of Pueblo.

The Pueblo Police Department Code Enforcement Unit is dedicated to the health, safety, welfare and quality of life within the City of Pueblo. The main objective is to get violations corrected voluntarily, however, in the event of non-compliance, Code Enforcement may issue summonses to appear in Court, abate the property at the owner’s expense, and file liens on the properties.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Code Enforcement Unit, please call 719-553-2592.

To report a possible code violation to Code Enforcement:

You may file a complaint to Code Enforcement:

  • Online - Pueblo PLACE
  • Email - PDCode@pueblo.us
  • Phone - 719-553-2592. Please leave a message as this is an extremely busy office and they may not be able to answer every call as they come in. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once a violation is reported, an active investigation begins. Every effort is made to ensure confidentiality of both the reporting party and the subject party. As such, the Code Enforcement division does not provide updates on active cases. For more information, please call the Code Enforcement Unit at 719-553-2592.

What happens after a complaint is submitted to Code Enforcement? 

 Request Initiated
 Code Enforcement
 Violation Exist?No ⇨ Close Request
    Yes ⇩ Yes ⇧
    Begin Corrective Action
Notice of Violation

 Violation Corrected?
      No ⇩
       City Pursues
 Corrective Remedies
      (corrective remedies
include citation
and abatement) 

Code Enforcement priorities:

  1. Violations that present an imminent threat to public health and safety 
  2. IPMC Code violations that present an imminent danger to building occupants
  3. Board up and security of vacant and abandoned buildings
  4. Weed/litter violations
  5. Land use and zoning violations
  6. Other

Response times to these types of complaints will vary based on priority, staffing levels, and complaint volume.  Ideally imminent dangers will be responded to immediately while others may take a few days for a response.  

What is the difference between a Code Enforcement Officer, a Parking Enforcer, a Health Inspector, and a Building Inspector?

A Code Enforcement Officer conducts patrols to ensure compliance with Pueblo Municipal Code.  Officers respond to complaints about property maintenance in single family dwellings, zoning, weeds, litter, sign violations, junk vehicles and the like.  Code Enforcement deals with junked or inoperable vehicles located on private property.  They are a little bit health inspector, and a little bit building inspector.

Parking Enforcement handles all violations with vehicles parked on a City Street.

Health Inspectors will handle violations dealing with bug or rodent infestations, indoor sanitation, among many other health related issues.

Building inspectors handle all building code inspections and violations.  They handle maintenance issues with commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings.

The City of Pueblo, CO does not have jurisdiction over civil matters.  Some common types of civil disputes:

  • Neighbors-property lines, fences, tree maintenance, pets, parking, noise 
  • Landlord and tenants-Security deposits, repairs, evictions, privacy
  • Business and consumer-Refunds, repairs, warranties, deposits
  • Domestic-Roommates, domestic partners, family members, friends
  • Homeowner Associations-repairs, covenants, regulations, boards or owner issues

These types of issues must be handled by the citizen through civil proceedings.

Additional Resources:

Pueblo City/County Health Department719-583-4307
Pueblo Regional Building Department719-543-0002
Pueblo Public Works719-553-2295
Pueblo Police Dept. Parking Enforcement719-553-2536