Crimes Against Property Section

The Crimes Against Property Section is responsible for investigating property-related crimes that occur in the City of Pueblo including, but not limited to, theft, auto theft, theft from vehicles, burglary, trespassing, copper / metal theft, property damage, identity theft, fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, pawnshop violations, embezzlement, hi-tech computer crime and, arson. Also under the Crimes Against Property Section are the High-Tech Crime Unit and Pawn Unit.

The Crimes Against Property Section consists of one sergeant, detectives, one senior office assistant and one investigations technician. The detectives and sergeant have accumulated numerous hours of specific criminal investigative training and experience to meet the needs of the department and community. Although some detectives specialize in specific areas of criminal investigation, all are qualified to handle a variety of criminal investigations. The growing use of computers and the Internet have further added to the many types of fraud, and several of the detectives in the section have gained expertise in investigating extremely complex electronic economic crimes.