Public Works

  • Implement the new asphalt preservation program designed to extend the life of our roadway system. 
  • Protect the building envelope on all City buildings. 
  • Provide a safe, accessible environment for the public and City employees. 
  • Ensure the City’s storm sewer system meets the demands placed on it by current and future development. Provide a safe, attractive, and well-maintained public right-of-way. 
  • Provide a safe and efficient transportation system that allows for the convenient movement of people and goods. Plan arterial and collector roads to maintain or create street connectivity throughout the City. 
  • Plan local streets to maintain the opportunity for good connectivity within and between neighborhoods by automobile, bicycle, and foot. 
  • Plan for and consider the needs of all road users within the existing transportation system and in new developments including safety, intersection design, and roadway width. 
  • Improve the pedestrian and bicycle transportation system to support a continuous, safe, and desirable walking and biking environment 
  • Implement design and construction standards.