Sight Distance

Sight distance is the distance required for a driver to see approaching traffic at an intersection. The Department has two methods of determining sight distance:

The City of Pueblo Municipal Codes Title XVII Article II Section 17-4-21 Driveways and Alleys:

For any driveway or alley in the zones as described in Subsection (2), nothing shall be erected, placed, planted or allowed to grow in such a manner as materially to impede vision between a height of two (2) and eight (8) feet, above the roadway sidewalk grade in the area bounded by the center line of a driveway or alley and the curb line of a street and a line joining a point along said street line one hundred fifty (150) feet from the center line of the driveway or alley to a point along said centerline ten (10) feet from the curb line. Such distances may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the City Traffic Engineer based on unusual roadway speeds or traffic condition.

Section 15-3-2 requires the same height clearance at the intersection as above with the exception that the distances are calculated based on individual roadway and intersection elements. The AASHTO–Geometric Designs for Highways and Streets calculates the distance requirements for a vehicle at a stop sign or other traffic control device, based on traffic speed and roadway geometrics.

Citizens are encouraged to contact the Department of Transportation at 719-553-2722 regarding the issue of sight distance at an intersection.