The City of Pueblo’s Department of Transportation addresses the issue of designating residential on-street handicap parking spaces for eligible citizens. An eligible citizen must possess a valid driver’s license, current handicap parking permit or license plate (available from the County Clerk’s office) and is one of the drivers of the vehicle. In most cases, the property for which the request is being made cannot have a driveway. If both criteria are met the citizen may request a designated handicap on-street parking space. Applications may be picked up at the Department of Transportation office. Once completed, the application must be submitted to the Department of Transportation for review.  Citizens will be notified about their request once eligibility has been determined. It is important to note that although the handicap accessible parking is installed specifically for the requesting party, the space is available to anyone displaying a valid handicap parking permit or license plate.

For more information contact the Department of Transportation at 719-553-2722

Handicap Parking Sign Request Form