Storm Water


  • Many people assume that most water pollution comes from large factories or industry. Did you know that nonpoint source pollution origination in homes and neighborhoods are a major source of contamination in Pueblo’s creeks and rivers?
  • As stormwater runs over Pueblo’s streets, yards, and driveways it picks up debris, litter, lawn chemicals, and other pollutants. This contaminated water then enters the storm drain and flows to our local water-ways. It is not treated or cleaned, so whatever you put in it ends up in Pueblo’s local creeks and rivers.

By adopting water friendly household habits, everyone can become part of the solution to water pollution.  The tips below will help reduce the amount of common household pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, pet wastes and litter in Pueblo’s local waterways and help protect our lakes, rivers, and streams.  By working together, we can improve the quality of water throughout the City of Pueblo and Pueblo County. Remember to share these habits with your neighbor!

Make your home the solution to stormwater pollution!