Street Maintenance

The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for ensuring that Pueblo’s streets and alleys are safe, clean, and available for the use of our residents, businesses, and visitors at all times.

Pueblo's Street Maintenance Division is staffed by 32 full-time, dedicated employees providing a variety of street maintenance, utility coordination, and cleanup services citywide. Our primary focus is to ensure that pavement surfaces are maintained adequately by providing timely repairs and crack sealing in addition to full-street asphalt overlays and other surface treatments.

Additional Services

Street Maintenance also performs plowing and sanding services on major city streets throughout our community during the winter months. Additionally, the division provides street sweeping services to improve our community's appearance as well as the water and air quality of our local and regional environment. We are also responsible for the removal of unsightly illegal dumping from city rights of way and the occasional mowing of unimproved city lands, as our schedule permits.

Note: The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) provides pavement maintenance, snow and ice control, and cleaning services on designated state highways within the City of Pueblo and surrounding communities.