ADA Curb Ramp Process

Curb Ramp Process

The Department of Public Works is charged with conducting curb ramp reviews of all City of Pueblo rights-of-way and properties, as well as non-owned properties supported or funded by the City. Compliance with accessibility laws is an ongoing process, and this year round Curb Ramp Program, which includes installation and repair, will ensure that the City of Pueblo is working to maintain its compliant accessibility levels and identify current areas of non-compliance. We also respond to requests as they are received and attempt to install curb cuts on an "as needed" basis.

City of Pueblo Curb Ramp Request Process

1. Each citizen or family member requesting a curb ramp must call the main Public Works line, at 719-553-2295, and leave the requested/required information. Basic requirements are name, address, telephone number, and specific intersection or corner location of requested curb ramp.

2. A representative of the Public Works Department will contact each curb ramp requester and inspect each location to identify the severity of the problem in order to determine curb ramp installation or repair needs.

3. Annual funding or budget for the curb ramp program is limited, but it can allocate funding for requests throughout the year as well as having a well established plan outlined in advance of areas that need attention and maintenance.

4. Streets that are to be paved, areas of new construction, or streets undergoing maintenance fit the definition of "alteration" as defined in the ADA are typically funded with other monies, and those curb ramps are required to be upgraded, if they do not meet current standards.