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Department Organization

The Pueblo Department of Public Works is organized into six divisions. These include:
  • Engineering - The responsibilities of the Engineering Division are to provide surveying and civil engineering services to design and construct quality infrastructure in order to maintain acceptable levels of service.
  • Public Buildings Maintenance - The mission of the Public Buildings Maintenance Division is to provide safe, healthy, and comfortable structures for city employees and the public, and to protect the City's capital investment in those buildings.
  • Stormwater Utility - The mission of the Stormwater Utility Division is to provide services necessary to meet requirements of the Clean Water Act and to implement all required provisions of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Program.
  • Street Maintenance - The Street Maintenance Division is responsible for ensuring that Pueblo’s streets and alleys are safe, clean, and available for the use of our residents, businesses, and visitors at all times.
  • Traffic Maintenance - The Traffic Maintenance Division maintains traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings within the City of Pueblo.
  • Transportation - The mission of the Transportation Division is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic on the city's public roadways. This division engineers and maintains all traffic control devices within the Pueblo City limits.