Permit Requirements & Fees

A revocable permit is required whenever an accessory structure abuts into the city right of way, such as fences, retaining walls, service lines, or other similar structures. Minimum requirements to obtain a revocable permit for structures within a city right of way are as follows:

  • Revocable Permit: Lines 1-6 on first page fill out and then sign and notarize the second page.
  • Letter of Intent stating the reason for permit.
  • Certificate of Liability as per Section (i) of the Revocable Permit. Endorsements for Additional Insured and Subrogation Waiver MUST be included as attachments to certificate.
  • Site Plan showing where the structure is to be located in the right-of-way.
  • $50 application fee

Note: The permit process takes a minimum of 30 days. All Revocable Permits are approved by City Council.

Contact Us

For additional information about City rights of way and/or revocable permits, please contact the Department of Transportation (719) 553-2722 option 2. Or, email