Pueblo police

 Storing and Tracking Evidence

The Collection Process

The Property and Evidence Section is equipped for short- or long-term storage of all types of physical evidence, including hazmat, serological, and other types of biological evidential samples. Storage is available in both a walk-in freezer and refrigerated facilities. Evidence entered into the Property and Evidence Section is strictly monitored for chain of custody, whether it remains in the section for a short or long period of time.

If the item of evidence is removed from the section, such as for transport to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation or other laboratory facilities, or to be taken for court of entry as an exhibit in a court proceeding, any change of custody is documented when the item leaves or is returned to the Property and Evidence Section.

Cataloging Evidence

Whether it is taken as evidence at a crime scene or found abandoned on the street corner, the Pueblo Police Department Property and Evidence Section catalogs and tracks every piece of property that comes into the custody of Pueblo officers.

Fingerprint cards, stolen property, guns taken as safekeeping, clothing, drugs, bicycles, vehicles - you name it. It is, or probably has been, in the Property and Evidence Section at one time or another.