Honor Farm

Park History

& Amenities

The Honor Farm Park and Open Space is a 2,373-acre area roughly bounded by U.S. Highway 50 West on the north, Pueblo Boulevard (SH 45) on the east, Purcell Boulevard on the west, and Lake Pueblo State Park on the south.

The property was purchased by the City of Pueblo from the State of Colorado in 2001. The property had been leased by the City from the state from 1974 until the purchase. During the term of the lease the racing facilities located within a 710-acre area in the northeast corner of the property were developed. The raceway, currently operated by the Parks and Recreation Department, includes a drag strip, 2.2-mile road course, a motocross track, a paved 1/20th-mile quarter midget oval, and a dirt oval track.

The City leases a 60-acre area along the north edge of the property to the Sky Corral Radio Control Club for a model airplane park. Black Hills Energy also leases a 20-acre area for an electric substation that has been located on the property since 1951. The City Council approved a 25-year lease in 2003, for continued operation of the substation on the City property.

About the Master Plan

On November 12, 2007, the City Council approved the Honor Farm Park and Open Space Master Plan creating a long term plan for uses, features, amenities, open space, and management of the park and open space area. The master plan was developed by the Honor Farm Master Plan Advisory Committee comprised of 12 members appointed by the Pueblo City Council, representing a variety of recreational, neighborhood, and other public interests. The City of Pueblo Planning and Zoning Commission endorsed the plan in October 2007.

The purpose of the plan is to identify strategies for the development and implementation of a variety of recreational uses, as well as for the long-term protection of the open space areas. Working under the conditions of the Conservation Easement Agreement with the State of Colorado, the master plan provides guidelines for the responsible management and use of the land. The plan identifies a balance of appropriate uses of the property, along with the protection and preservation of open space areas.

Honor Farm Enterprise Fund

In 2009, City Council established the Honor Farm Enterprise Fund for the management of property under the direction of the City Parks and Recreation Department. City planners are working with the Parks and Recreation Department to complete more detailed plans for the development of site improvements according to the master plan, as well as the rehabilitation of a number of the raceway facilities.

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