Guiding Principals

Community Focal Point

Create the "great bones" or framework to a community amenity that provides recreational opportunities, economic development opportunities, celebrates history and contributes to the sense of community. Provide the following:

  • Improve the image of the Historic Eastside neighborhood
  • Logical connections to the entire community
  • Embraces the neighborhood's history and current integrity
  • A unique visual experience
  • A series of features and attractions that create a draw locally and regionally
  • Focal points for all ages
  • Build on the best of the neighborhood's culture and enhance social, educational and financial reality for the Historic Eastside
  • A "top of the mind identification" or stand-out identity
  • Neighborhood "branding" or identification
  • Make it green

Community Gathering

Create diverse recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities for all age groups. Provide the following:

  • Facilities to accommodate individuals, families, civic events, school organizations, recreational organizations and regular programmed activities
  • Facilities to accommodate a five to ten thousand participant event
  • "Festival Streets"
  • Neighborhood plazas for traditional and frequent events

Parks & Recreation

Create a state of the art connected system of parks in the Historic Eastside Neighborhood. This neighborhood system of parks will become a key component of a larger regional system of parks along Fountain Creek. Provide the following:

  • Activities for youth that gets them outdoors
  • Safe bicycle and pedestrian connections to Downtown Pueblo, HARP, Arkansas River and recreation facilities along Fountain Creek
  • Affordable recreational opportunities
  • Both passive and active recreational uses
  • Recreational amenities that satisfy the needs of the Historic Eastside Neighborhood and the entire community of Pueblo
  • Energize the edges of Fountain Creek by introducing activities and connecting the neighborhoods to the edges

Open Space Corridor & Greenbelt

Create a community amenity with Fountain Creek, currently an underutilized natural resource. Provide the following:

  • Improved ecological health, water quality and flood capabilities of Fountain Creek
  • Work towards a healthier Fountain Creek and healthier more vibrant neighborhoods for generations to come
  • Protect and enhance open space, providing quality habitat and ecological sustainability


Develop cultural and ecological educational opportunities. The youth of today are the future stewards and caretakers of Fountain Creek. Provide the following:

  • Main focus on youth
  • Include regional ecological and cultural history beyond the physical boundaries of this project
  • Outdoor learning (Classroom)
  • Library resources
  • Use of technological resources
  • Connection with Pueblo education system
  • Passive-interpretive displays
  • Environmental education, including water issues like flooding, quality conservation and weather
  • Involvement opportunities for volunteers, artists and horticulturists
  • Opportunities for children to teach children


Create safe community amenities for all age groups. Provide the following:

  • Safe, easy access, both physically and visually (line of sight)
  • Accessibility for all
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Improved perceptions of safety
  • Promote neighborhood ownership

The Planning Process

Engage the community in developing a plan that reflects their needs. The master plan must have grass roots support from the community to develop ownership that will see the project throughout completion and sustain ongoing maintenance. Provide the following:

  • Opportunities for all age groups, including teenagers and youth, to participate in the master planning effort
  • Keep the planning process on task and maintain momentum to inspire future project development
  • "Quick wins" and show progress. Something visible needs to happen right away
  • A master plan that is useful and coordinates with other city programs, plans and activities. This includes both Pueblo and Colorado Springs ongoing flood attenuation efforts
  • Explore opportunities for volunteerism and ownership
  • Explore recycling opportunities
  • Support for new business, services and local employment
  • Project partnership opportunities to become part of an agreement to implement the master plan
  • Sustainable implementation, funding and maintenance strategies