Fountain Creek Greenway & Vitalization Plan

Improving East Side Communities

The Fountain Creek Greenway and Revitalization Master Plan is a community-based master plan. The project planning area is located along the Fountain Creek corridor on Pueblo's east side between 8th Street and the confluence with the Arkansas River.

The lower east side neighborhoods of Pueblo reflect a lower income community that is physically and visually separated from the greater Pueblo area by Fountain Creek, Interstate 25, and the railroad. As a result, this area has not benefited from economic growth and prosperity, as have the western neighborhoods.

Fountain Creek is an underutilized natural resource that is currently disconnected from east side neighborhoods. The project will develop a plan that encompasses 140 acres of underutilized city property, including flood plains, flood levies, and rights of way.

Project Goals

The goal of this planning effort was to complete a master plan and funding strategy that guides the establishment of a recreational destination along the Fountain Creek corridor and the lower east side neighborhoods.

This will benefit the east side community by providing a focal point that highlights neighborhood parks, recreation, community gatherings, natural open space, and education. It also connects the east side neighborhood to Fountain Creek and other destinations along Fountain Creek and within the City of Pueblo. Fountain Creek Greenway and Revitalization Master Plan goals are to:

  • Complete a project phasing / implementation plan and funding plan
  • Complete an operations maintenance budget associated with each phase development
  • Engage the east side community in developing a plan that reflects their needs
  • Identify and provide affordable recreation opportunities
  • Identify cultural and ecological educational opportunities
  • Improve the health of Fountain Creek
  • Incorporate Fountain Creek as a vital component for future economic development
  • Provide a safe bicycle and pedestrian connection to downtown Pueblo
  • Provide guidance to the City of Pueblo's technical team

Project Partners

  • Fountain Creek Foundation