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Pueblo Wastewater Rates as a Percent of Median Household Income

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Pueblo's Wastewater Department is constituted as an enterprise fund. Enterprise funds are governmental activities that provide specifically defined services and that are self-funded through user fees. Pueblo's Wastewater Department provides for collection and treatment of sanitary sewage within the city limits of Pueblo. The Wastewater Department is funded by fees charged to customers. The Wastewater Department does not receive any revenue from property taxes or from sales taxes.

Operating Costs

The Wastewater Department has to recover all its operating costs through user fees. The monthly bill you receive for wastewater service pays for electricity to operate pumps, fuel to operate maintenance vehicles, chemicals used in wastewater treatment, fees paid to regulatory agencies for permits and inspection programs, and salaries.

Cooperative Agreement

The City of Pueblo has a cooperative agreement with the Pueblo Board of Water Works for billing for all water-related utilities. Pueblo residents receive a monthly bill from the Board of Water Works for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater. All 3 of these functions are different and are carried out by separate organizations. All 3 functions are mandated and are highly regulated both by federal and state law.

Public Health Function

The Wastewater Department serves a public health function by removing potentially disease-causing wastes from the community and treating those wastes. In addition, the City of Pueblo has a duty to comply with environmental regulations. As regulations establish more stringent standards for treatment and maintenance, the costs of service rise.

Our Budget

You may view a pie chart of the City of Pueblo WRF Budget showing where funds are spent.

National Average
  Annual Residential Bills provided by National Association of Clean Water Agencies
Average Annual Service Charge 2000-2016

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