The James R. DiIorio Water Reclamation Facility treats wastewater generated in homes, businesses, and industries throughout the City of Pueblo. In addition, sanitary wastes from the Blende, Salt Creek, and St. Charles Mesa sanitation districts as well as from septic tanks throughout Pueblo county are treated here. The James R. DiIorio Water Reclamation Facility treats more than 10 million gallons of wastewater a day.

Treatment Process

Wastewater is reclaimed through natural processes, which are accelerated using electrical power and computer-controlled equipment.

  1. Wastewater is simply placed into a large tank so grit and heavy particles can settle out by gravity, leaving dissolved materials in the water.
  2. Settled wastewater is mixed with bacteria that are able to remove dissolved materials from the water. The bacteria convert dissolved materials into more bacterial cells.
  3. The bacterial cells are removed from the water by gravity settling and by disinfection.

The reclaimed water is discharged to the Arkansas River, where it supports a variety of beneficial uses such as aquatic life and agricultural irrigation.

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For more information, please contact the Wastewater Department at 719-553-2898.


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