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The Grease Beneath Our Feet

You’re in the zone, pans are sizzlin’, knives are choppin’, and a quick swoop to the sink and your grease problem is solved! Only to find yourself a day, a month, a year later calling a plumber in a panic because sewer water is backing up in places you never thought you’d see it – the toilet, sink, or tub. Read on

Grease beneath our feet
City of Pueblo Water Reclamation Facility
Receives $1.08 million grant from the state of Colorado to help meet long-term changes in water quality rules. Read more online.
Duties & Responsibilities
The mission of the Wastewater Department is to collect and reclaim waste water in a manner that is protective of public health and the environment. This is done by:
  • Collecting sanitary sewage from residences, businesses, and industries
  • Conveying sewage to the Wastewater Treatment Facility safely and efficiently
  • Treating sewage to levels specified by federal and state law
  • Disposing of residual materials in compliance with legal requirements
  • Discharge only nontoxic effluent that meets standards protective of public health and the environment
  • Maintain and develop firm treatment and collection-system capacity to meet the ongoing needs of community development and the changing requirements of environmental law
  • Meet all legal requirements in a continuous, cost-effective manner
  • Recycle or dispose of treatment process residuals, meet solids stabilization requirements, and limit odor problems
  • Upgrade employee training and skill levels in all aspects of treatment, maintenance, laboratory analysis, and safety, including cross-training between disciplines to achieve greater efficiency