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 What is Wastewater?
  Learn how wastewater is treated at the City of Pueblo.
 Videos and pictures of microorganisms that clean our wastewater.
 Water Pollution 
 What is the source of water pollution?
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 Excuse Me
 Excuse Me, Is This The Way To The Drainpipe? 
 Story of the excursions of a water drop.

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 Jump Into Your Future Career in Wastewater
 Have you thought about a career working to make sure wastewater is clean when it returns to the river?  If you would like to make sure our rivers stay clean check this out.
 Captain Can It Cartoons
 Watch as Captain Can It takes on F.O.G.G. in an epic struggle to stop the clogs and put an end to this Pain in the Drain! 
 History of Sanitary Sewers
  History of sanitary sewers with stories and pictures from around the world.
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 Puzzle Dot-to-Dot
 Where do the drains go?  Follow the storm drains and sanitary sewer drains on this printable dot to dot.

 Pinky the Elf
 How Pinky the Elf Saved the Holidays from the Grease Monster.

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 Aqua Venturer game link  Aqua Venturer© Game
The Aqua Venturer© is an interactive global timeline of water and wastewater past,
  present, and future.

 Go With The Flow
 Be in the Know...Go With the Flow is an interactive wastewater treatment map that takes you on a visual journey through the wastewater treatment process.

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 Watershed Game 
 Many things happen in a watershed that affect the quality of the water we rely upon. What are they? Would you make the best decisions in managing your watershed? Examine the issues in each area of the watershed, then see the impacts of your choices!
 Water Cycle Coloring Book
 Free, downloadable coloring book for grades 1-3 to print and color.
  Also available in Spanish.
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Fun Fact Matching Game 
 Can you draw a line from the items on the left to the matching amount of water it uses on the right.
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 Water Science Storytime
 Story about building your own town and what you would need to do to have water.