General Information Center

Payment Information

Parking tickets must be paid or scheduled for trial within 10 days of issuance of the ticket or a late fee will be assessed. Please view our fines and fees schedule for more information. Payments cannot be made over the phone, but can be paid in the following manner:

  • Parking tickets may be paid over the counter at the Municipal Court clerk's office during normal business hours using your ticket number or license plate number for correct payment information. We accept cash, checks, money orders, travelers checks, Visa, or MasterCard.
  • After hours, may be paid using the Municipal Court night drop box located on the north side of the Municipal Court building. Make sure to include your ticket or license plate number on the check or money order for proper payment application. Please do not enclose cash as the Municipal Court is not responsible for lost funds or payment.
  • Tickets may be paid by mail.
  • Tickets may be paid ONLINE.

 Declining Responsibility / Challenging a Ticket

To decline responsibility or challenge the ticket by setting the ticket for trial, you must make arrangements by appearing in person at the City of Pueblo Municipal Court clerk's office during normal business hours.

Failure to Comply 

Failure to pay or make arrangements for a parking ticket will result in the following actions being taken by the Municipal Court:

  • Issuance of an arrest warrant
  • Issuance of a court order for the attachment of a vehicle immobilization device (The Denver Boot)
  • Publication of your name on the government access channel (cable channel 17), publication of your name on the City of Pueblo website, and publication of your name with the local media

The City of Pueblo Municipal Court urges you to contact the Municipal Court at 719-562-3810 in order to clear any unpaid parking tickets and avoid the consequences incurred due to unpaid parking tickets.