District Attorney's Office

It is the goal of the Community Outreach Unit to educate juveniles on the impact crime has on themselves, their families and their choices, thus providing them with hope for the future.

Stealing Hurts Other People (SHOP)
SHOP is a 4 hour educational seminar (spread over 2 days) which discusses various issues related to theft, including the risks and potential losses to themselves, their family and the community.

See The Overall Picture (STOP)
STOP is a 4 hour educational seminar (spread over 2 days) in which participants learn about important life skills and character development.

Project TARGET
Project TARGET is a multi-session class designed to educate youth who have been charged with a weapons offense such as carrying knives, regulation of air guns, possession of a handgun by a juvenile or any other related type of offense.

Restorative Justice 
If the offender meets the Restorative Justice criteria, contact is made by the Restorative Justice Office to offer the offender the opportunity to participate in the program as an alternative to the traditional court system. The offender must take responsibility and admit guilt for the offense committed.

he program is a voluntary program, which means that at any time, the offender may opt not to participate in the program. In this case, the offender will be referred back to the court for further handling. For more information call 719-583-6147.