Institute for Specialized Alternative Education- I.S.A.E.


I.S.A.E. believes that "Knowledge is Power." We take a very proactive approach in educating our clients by providing them with valuable information that allows them to become better decision makers.


We offer classes across the state of Colorado, including Pueblo. Visit our website for more information, a schedule of available classes, or to sign-up for classes.

Discovering Better Choices

  • Offers new perspectives and provides the necessary tools to make better choices in life.
  • Personal values, impact of influences, and consequences of choices help clients better evaluate decision making and improve impulse control.
    • One day, $75

Violence is Preventable

  • Designed to teach clients that violence is preventable when responsible choices are made.
  • Offers skills necessary to manage anger in appropriate ways and assist in understanding how to effectively resolve conflicts.
    • One day, $75

Young Offenders

  • Progressive program for students between the ages of 10-12 years.
  • Teaches youth how to make healthy choices and positive decision making.
    • $50

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