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Program of Projects


City of Pueblo Transit has planned the following Program of Projects for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2020 Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Sections 5307 apportionment.  Section 5307 funds are used for public transportation facilities and projects.

  • FY20 Section 5307 available funding: $787,577

The Proposed Program of Projects (POP) includes:

5307 Program

  • Maintain, Repair and Replace Assets $500,820 Federal, $125,203 Local Match
  • Security Projects $21,775 Federal, $21,775 Local Match
  • ADA Paratransit Costs $217,748 Federal, $54,437 Local Match
  • Fixed Route Operating Expenses $1,184,254 Federal, $1,184254 Local Match

Total Local Costs - $1,385,671

Total Federal Costs - $2,177,480

Total Emergency Federal funding requested - $252,883

Detailed information on the aforementioned projects may be obtained by contacting Benjamin Valdez at Pueblo Transit (719) 553-2709 / bvaldez@pueblo.us.  Public comment is encouraged and if warranted, the Program of Projects may be amended prior to publication of the final Program of Projects. The public is invited to comment on the POP and other amendments to the FY 2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) through the Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG)

Comments can also be submitted via the Pueblo Transit website (pueblotransit@pueblo.us) under Plans and Projects, Program of Projects. All members of the public are encouraged to provide comment, public comments will be accepted through 5 pm April 17.

Pending no amendments after public comment, this proposed FFY2020 Program of Projects will be considered the final Program of Projects and will be forwarded to the PACOG Planning Council for inclusion in the TIP.  This public notice and time established for public review and comments will satisfy the FTA Program of Projects requirements for the Urbanized Area Formula Program. This notice will serve as the final POP unless projects contained within are amended.