Discounted Bus Fares


To qualify for a discounted fare, a disabled or elderly person must possess a Medicare Card, a Pueblo Transit Disabled Identification Card, or provide proof of age.

  • Elderly riders are those persons who are 60 years of age or older. Elderly persons may be asked for identification to verify proof of age to be eligible for the discounted fare.
  • Disabled riders are those persons who by reason of illness, injury, congenital malfunction, or other permanent or temporary incapacity or disability are unable to utilize existing local mass transportation facilities and services as effectively as persons who are not so affected. Disabled is also defined as those persons who are Medicare cardholders.
  • For those persons whose handicap is not evident, or who do not possess a Medicare card, an Application for a Disabled Bus Card must be completed by the applicant’s physician as to the duration of the disability and description of disability. If the physician states on the application form that the individual’s disability is temporary, they will note a time limit on the duration of the disability. The identification card issued to that individual will have an expiration date on it that coincides with the physician’s time limit. If, at the end of that time limit, the person is still handicapped, they must repeat the process to obtain another card. Pueblo Transit administrative staff will evaluate the information to determine final eligibility. If the application is approved, an identification card is issued to the individual.

Note: Identification in the form of a Pueblo Transit Disabled Identification Card or a Medicare card must be shown to the bus operator to be eligible for the discounted fare or to the customer service representative to be eligible for a discounted monthly bus pass.