Pueblo Fire Department

CPSE Accreditation

A Standard of Continuous Quality & Improvement

A strategic initiative and goal for the Pueblo Fire Department was obtaining accreditation status through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE), formerly the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). The CPSE program will provide an excellent self-assessment process for the Pueblo Fire Department.


In August 2008, we achieved our goal of distinguished accreditation status through the CPSE. Out of approximately 400 fire departments in Colorado, we are the fourth fire department to have been bestowed this honor. And, of the approximately 30,000 fire departments in the nation, only 301 departments have reached accreditation status as of July 2022. 

Benefits of an Accreditation Status

Most importantly, being an accredited fire agency enhances our quality improvement processes and provides the highest level of fire and rescue services to the city of Pueblo and the community. Benefits of accreditation and self-assessment include:

  • Creating a mechanism for developing concurrent documents to include strategic and program action plans
  • Creating methods or systems for addressing deficiencies while building organizational success
  • Encouraging professional growth in addition to its personnel involved in the self-assessment process
  • Encouraging quality improvement through a continuous self-assessment process
  • Fostering national recognition for the Pueblo Fire Department by its colleagues and the public
  • Identifying areas of strength and weakness within the department
  • Improve the quality of life in our community
  • Promoting excellence within the Fire Department and improving our abilities to recognize and better understand potential risks and hazards
  • Providing a detailed evaluation of the department, detailing the services it provides to the community
  • Providing a forum for the communication of organizational priorities

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