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Submissions & Fees

Effective January 1, 2010, by City Council Resolution 11711, the Pueblo Fire Department shall charge fees for:

  • Construction (stand-alone) plans review and permits - All new commercial construction and remodel designs that require Fire Department plans review approval
    • Plans should be submitted and retrieved at:
      Regional Building Department
      830 N Main St.
      Pueblo, CO 81003
    • Fees should be paid at Fire Administration.
  • Fire systems plans review and permits -Such as for fire detection, suppression, specialized, and kitchen hood systems (see below for additional information)
    • Plans submitted and fees are paid to:
      Fire Administration
      1551 Bonforte Blvd
      Pueblo, CO 81003
  • Special Inspections - Such as for sales tax purposes, change of ownership, special events, tents, licensing, and other similar events / items
    • Applications should be submitted to:
      City Finance
      1 City Hall Pl.
      Pueblo, CO 81003
    • Fire inspections should be scheduled and fees paid to:
      Fire Administration
      1551 Bonforte Blvd.
      Pueblo, CO 81003

The typical plans review submissions will incur a construction permit fee (site inspection fee included), a plans review hourly fee, and a general submission fee. Please refer to the Sample Fee Codes List to view an example of fee codes.

Fire System Plans

Three sets of paper fire system plans must be submitted with an application cover sheet outlining the scope of work and number of devices in the system seeking approval. Application cover sheets are located below.

All Fire Department fees shall be paid and have receipt issued before plans will be released or certificates issued.