Pueblo Fire Department


Goals & Services

The goal of the Administration is to assure that the men and women of the department have the leadership, training, and materials necessary to provide the citizens of Pueblo the best possible fire protection and emergency medical services.

Under the direction of the fire chief, the administrative division supports the fire department’s primary mission of protecting life and property. This includes planning and logistical support for the department’s operational personnel, as well as sound fiscal management to assure that long-term needs are addressed.

Administration Staff

  •  Fire Chief
    • Barbara Huber
  • Deputy Chief
    • Chris Harner
  • Assistant Chiefs
    • William Nemick (A Shift)
    • Steve Fassi (B Shift)
    • Keith Miller (C Shift)
  • Training Officer
    • Bryce Boyer (Administrative Captain - Training )
  • Training Officer
    • Woody Percival (Administrative Captain – EMS / PIO )
  • Inspector
    • Erik Duran
  • Inspector
    • Jim Riddell
  • Administrative Technician 
    •  Mallory Bensik
  • Senior Office Assistant
    • Tonia Hendrich