Education & Programs

Pueblo Fire Department

Education & Programs
Informing & Serving the Public
The Pueblo Fire Department is committed to providing the best possible educational and service-oriented programs it can to area citizens. For this reason, the department offers a wide range of community-based events to promote safety and wellness. These include the:
  • Chaplain Program - The mission of the Pueblo Fire Department Chaplain Program is twofold. First, the Chaplain Program will be a resource for area firefighters and their families, especially in times of crisis and/or grief. Second, the Chaplain Program will provide comfort, assistance, and/or spiritual guidance to the citizens of the various communities in Pueblo county, especially during times of crisis and/or grief.
  • Disaster Planning - The goal of the Disaster Management Program is to prevent or lessen the impact of natural - or human-caused disasters.
  • Fire Explorer Post 343 - Explorer Post 343 is a youth program for males and females ages 14-20 who are interested in fire service and looking to help their community and receive community service hours.
  • Fire Extinguisher Classes - The Pueblo Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau offers a variety of classes on the proper use of fire extinguishers.
  • Honor Guard - The Honor Guard was created for the purpose of representing firefighters, their families, and the Fire Department at various functions upon request.
  • Life Safety Bus 911 - The Life Safety Bus 911 is one of the largest and most unique pieces of equipment the Pueblo Fire Department uses to help inform the public about fire and life safety issues.