Pueblo Fire Department


Required Qualifications

  1. At least a high school diploma or its G.E.D equivalent at time of application.
  2. At least 19 years of age on or before the date of administration of the written examination.
  3. A valid Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certification at time of interview and maintain throughout entire selection process.
  4. A valid driver's license at time of application and a valid Colorado driver's license by date of hire.


Here are the steps potential candidates should be aware of for becoming a firefighter. These items are all time sensitive!!!

1. Find our job posting / Information

  1. Email notice (www.pueblo.us/interestcard)
  2. Pueblo Chieftain
  3. www.pueblo.us/jobs
  4. Zip recruiter, Indeed, Colorado Workforce Center and a variety of other job boards.
  5. CHECK YOUR EMAIL periodically

2. Apply

  1. Job posted through www.pueblo.us/jobs
  2. Must apply during the application window.
  3. Once applied, all notices are through email, so check junk or spam if not getting emails. Emails received include:
  1. Application submitted
  2. Application under review for incomplete application packages (missing items)
  3. Rejection notice for incomplete applications and other disqualifying factors

d. Applications may be rejected for a variety of reasons including issues with background, not meeting the qualifications, providing inconsistent or misleading information, unsatisfactory work history, incomplete submittal, etc.

e. We will make attempts at obtaining missing items or clarification on potential disqualifiers. Failure to properly respond will result in a rejected application.
f. CHECK YOUR EMAIL periodically

3. The written exam

  1. Applicants will be notified of approval or rejection and will be invited to self-schedule for a written exam.
  2. Applicants will have 2 options for a written exam:
  1. At our test center – No charge
  2. Remote – At the applicant’s expense (approx. $21.00) 

c. Notices at this step include notice of exam scheduling and additional information about the exam including:

  1. Exam tutorial
  2. COVID precautions
  3. KSA Checklist
  4. Instructions for exam day
  5. Notice of passing scores and ranking on the list including veteran points or seniority preference, if applicable
  6. Notice of failing scores

d. The following will discontinue participation in the process:

  1. Candidate withdraws from the process
  2. Failure to appear at the written exam
  3. Failure of the exam (a score less than 70% on the written exam)


4. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)  offered only to top candidates on the list.  Process administered by the FD. See video below.

  1. Orientation 8 weeks prior to the CPAT (mandatory unless waived)
  2. Practice sessions 30 days prior to CPAT (mandatory unless waived)
  3. CPAT test offered prior to interviews
  4. CHECK YOUR EMAIL periodically

5. Interview – HR / FD function
6. Post-Offer Activities – HR function

Additional Resources:

Here are additional resources that might help you further in putting this information piece together: 

  1. Job Seeker Resources
  2. Firefighter Selection Process

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