Disaster Planning

Program Goals & Services

The goal of the Disaster Management Program is to prevent or lessen the impact of natural-or human-caused disasters on both the citizens and community infrastructure. 

Be it a flood, winter storm, or other major emergency, we are committed to ensuring that department staff and firefighters are trained and ready to respond to major disaster incidents. 

This is accomplished by having plans in place to manage a disaster should it occur. 

Pueblo fire command staff members assist in the coordination of disaster and emergency management training exercises in our local region. 

Members meet monthly with the Pueblo County Local Emergency Planning Commission and the Pueblo County Hazardous Materials Committee. We are committed to maintaining a collaborative approach when it comes to preparing for and managing disaster incidents. 

All-Hazards Disaster Plan
The all-hazards disaster plan lays the foundation for a response to disaster, by identifying key issues present in a disaster we can prepare for and effectively manage the disaster. This plan is designed to address the needs of the Pueblo Fire Department and citizens of Pueblo in an effective and efficient manner during a disaster. The plan is designed to augment and not replace the Pueblo County Emergency Operations Plan.

The Fire Department utilizes the concept of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). This system of incident command uses a uniform system and common terminology approach to incident management. Using the NIMS system if incident command allows the fire department to integrate with other local, state, and federal response agencies.