East Side Historic Context Study

Tracing Pueblo's History

The City of Pueblo's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is proud to announce the completion of the East Side Neighborhood Historic Context Study. The study, "A Place Set Apart: The History and Architecture of Pueblo's East Side Neighborhood," was completed by Jeffery Deherrera (a Pueblo native) and Adam Thomas of Historitecture LLC. The study traces the development of the East Side neighborhood from the early 1800's, through the formal development of the area in 1872, and into the present day.

Old House in Pueblo
Church surrounded by fences in the East Side of Pueblo

Study Results

First called East Pueblo and then Park Hill for a time, the East Side Neighborhood is one of the most diverse areas in Colorado with respect to income level, social status, and architectural expression. Historitecture LLC also documented the old Fountain city history from the 1850's, as well as the neighborhood that was established in 1872, making it one of the largest concentrations of early homes in the City of Pueblo. The study not only provides a detailed history of the area but also contains an architectural guide to the homes of the East Side, allowing residents to determine their own home's style and age. Read the full East Side Historic Context Report to see the study's results.

Expanding Our Knowledge & Understanding of Pueblo 

The study was commissioned to better understand the neighborhood and assist the redevelopment of the area now being worked on by the City of Pueblo. The study set the foundation for an additional study - the East Side Historic Building Inventory - to catalog 43 structures that began in August of 2009. Both studies are the result of a certified local-government no-match grant from the Colorado Historical Society.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions about the historic study or preservation efforts in the East Side Neighborhood, please contact the Planning Department at 719-553-2259. If you are interested in redevelopment efforts or being part of the East Pueblo's Historic East Side Task Force please contact Beritt Odom at 719-553-2339.