Historic Preservation Projects

South Pueblo Historic Context Study

The South Pueblo Historic Context Study is the 3rd of a larger citywide historic preservation project: the Neighborhood Heritage Enhancement (NHE) program. In 2003, the city's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and neighborhood groups began working on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood history to help residents landmark their homes, appreciate their local past, and even assist neighborhood planning initiatives.

The South Pueblo project will develop a neighborhood history for the areas commonly referred to as The Blocks and Mesa Junction, which are perched on the short mesas above the Arkansas River immediately south of downtown Pueblo. The area served as its own municipality until 1886, when it merged with Pueblo, developing some of the most interesting subdivision patterns and architecture seen in southern Colorado.

Study Significance & Presentation Information

The study will provide, planning, transportation, social, cultural, and architectural development of the area; in other words, the study provides the story of South Pueblo with all of its complex elements. The South Pueblo study will also be the 1st effort to provide a Neighborhood Preservation Plan that aims to help residents preserve the unique historic character of their homes and neighborhood. The study was presented to the public May 21, 2011 at the Rawlings Library. An article about the study ran in the June 12, 2011 issue of the Pueblo Chieftain which can be read here.

The South Pueblo Historic Context Project is now complete! A copy of the study was given to Historic Pueblo Inc. at their July meeting along with a letter of thanks from City Councilmen Leroy Garcia and Ray Aguilera (Historic Preservation donated $500 for the project). The City of Pueblo also thanks History Colorado who provided the grant for the work, and especially Historitecture for their great research and eloquent writing. Copies will be distributed to schools, libraries, and others in July and August. Contact Wade Broadhead at 719-553-2280 for more information of how to obtain a hard copy of the report. The study can also be downloaded here.

 Pueblo Modern Historic Context Study

The Pueblo Modern Historic Context Study is the 4th of the larger citywide NHE historic preservation program. Pueblo Modern is an exciting extension of that basic program that moves into Pueblo's recent past (1940-1982).

While often overlooked, Pueblo's recent past was a dynamic time in Pueblo, and understanding current Pueblo relies heavily on an understanding of the local decisions and national developments of that crucial period. The study will examine changes to a city-manager form of government, the rise and decline of the steel mill, modern architecture, the baby boom, and the rise of the suburbs. The study will also closely examine the effect of the La Raza movement and civil rights efforts in Pueblo. Pueblo Modern will provide the story for the modern age in Pueblo and tie history to architecture. The HPC hopes citizens will then appreciate, preserve, and consider landmarking their homes and businesses.

Breaking New Ground

The project is one of a kind in the nation by trying to lead an appreciation of this period with popular history rather than high architecture and preserving those places that are important to the wide and diverse residents of Pueblo. The study will be finished in 2012, but a supplementary kick-off meeting will be given by staff in the summer of 2012.