Governor's Award

The City of Pueblo Planning and Community Development Department received statewide recognition on Wednesday, February 6, 2014 in Denver, Colorado.

The department was honored by History Colorado with the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation at the 27th Annual Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony. The award was presented to the City of Pueblo and Historic Pueblo, Inc., for the Pueblo Neighborhood Heritage Enhancement Project. The Heritage Enhancement Project, according to planner Wade Broadhead, is a multi-year program for different neighborhoods.

"We developed neighborhood specific historic context studies, and wrote them like novels," Broadhead says. "We wrote them for each neighborhood with dates from 1870 to about 1980." Broadhead says that later studies contain innovative preservation plans to help share citizen involvement and prepare the city for later grant applications. History Colorado says the Governor's Award for Historic Preservation "exemplifies the best in historic preservation" with regard to historic design and craftsmanship, proper preservation techniques and ethics.

City of Pueblo Planning Director Julie Ann Woods says the award shines a spotlight on preservation work by the City of Pueblo Planning Department, the City Council and the entire community. She's says she is pleased that all the hard work is getting some statewide recognition. "Pueblo played a key role in not just putting Colorado on the map as the primary industrial center of the west, but in building our country through our contributions related to the steel industry, railroads, and labor," Woods says. "Pueblo is on the verge of a major rebirth and renewal with the awarding of our Regional Tourism Project, honors for our Riverwalk by the Colorado Economic Corridor, and the recognition of our arts-oriented Creative Corridor." Woods says the awards and recognition would not have been possible without being showcased "within the framework of historic preservation efforts."

Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia presented the award to City Council President Steve Nawrocki and Broadhead. The award ceremony took place at the History Colorado Center and coincided with Colorado Preservation Inc.'s 2013 Saving Places conference. City Council Representatives Ami Nawrocki and Eva Montoya, as well as local legislative representatives attended the award ceremony. This is the second award the City of Pueblo has received recently from the Governor's office. The city's Creative Corridor was also recognized with the 2013 Governor's Arts Award.