East Side Historic Building Inventory

Studying Our Past to Preserve Our Future

Spearheaded by the East Side Neighborhood Association and the Pueblo Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), the City of Pueblo pursued a certified local government (CLG) grant to develop an historical and architectural context of Pueblo’s East Side Neighborhood.

The city received the grant on January 9, 2008, and in March contracted Historitecture to research and write the document. Historians Jeffrey DeHerrera and Adam Thomas completed the booklet, entitled "A Place Set Apart: The History and Architecture of Pueblo’s East Neighborhood," in July 2009. The context represented one of the most significant scholarly works ever written about the little-researched neighborhood and served as a catalyst for historic preservation and other renewal projects.

Making Sound Preservation Decisions

Acting upon the inertia of the context’s emerging success, even in the draft stages, the City of Pueblo immediately proposed to intensively survey 45 properties in the East Side Neighborhood area. Again the City applied for a CLG grant, which it received in January 2009. And again it contracted Historitecture to conduct the survey, the results of which are presented in the Pueblo East Side Architectural and Historical Selective Inventory Report.

The major goal of this project was to acquire as much architectural and historical data as possible for 43 selected properties in the East Side study area (Historitecture actually surveyed 45), allowing city staff and others to make sound preservation planning decisions regarding this neighborhood.

 Study Outcome

Read this short overview of the East Side Historic Building Inventory Study's outcome to learn more about how the project helped 16 buildings become eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.