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  • CORA - "CORA" stands for "Colorado Open Records Act". In the spirit of open government, the Colorado Open Records Act [1] requires that most public records be available to the public. Anyone can request information that is in the possession of our office.
  • Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan - In the last several years, the City of Pueblo has focused on implementing 21st century technology to improve its mainstream business processes. This focus has significantly improved the government services that are delivered to and required by our citizens and our community while optimizing tax revenue and reducing or eliminating costs. This focus has been advantageous under the current economic conditions. It is imperative that the city government continues to leverage technology investments to improve its services, but only after careful evaluation and analysis of our citizens and community’s needs.
  • Social Media Policy - Recognizing that government use of social media is becoming more mainstream and even desired by the public, the IT Department established a strategic management project in Fiscal Year 2010 to evaluate the policy needs before establishing social media as an official additional communication tool. Accordingly, this policy outlines the appropriate uses of social media by the city and the approval processes for such use.
  • Technology and Communication Policy / User Agreement - The purpose of Technology and Communication Policy is to provide employees, third-party contractors, consultants, and temporary employees with the acceptable usage for the City of Pueblo’s technology resources. Inappropriate use of resources puts the city’s network systems and services at risk from attack and/or exposes the city to legal liabilities.