Inter-Agency Collaboration

  1. Comcast Franchise Agreement

    Read the Comcast Franchise Agreement.

  2. CopLink

    CopLink links the criminal records from participating agencies into one database. Member agencies said it will help investigators spot trends, develop leads, and solve crimes much faster than before.

  3. DTRS Trunking System

    This is a drawing of the DTRS system from a state / city / county sharing perspective.

  4. Ordinance 7592

    It has been a continuing priority for the city to migrate to the state 800 MHz Radio Network. By adopting the state's system, the city's radio users will be able to communicate in most every area of the state. Likewise, other jurisdictions that adopt the state standard, including Pueblo County, will be able to communicate between agencies when in Pueblo.

  5. PCC Franchise Agreement

    Review the agreement initiated by Ordinance Number 8185.

  6. Shared Fiber Map

    This map details the City and County of Pueblo fiber routes throughout the city.

  7. Sprint Antenna Lease Agreement

    Obtain the agreement, and its amendments, to the leasing of Sprint antennas.

  8. State Memorandum of Understanding

    Gather details about the Memorandum of Understanding between the Governor's Office of Information Technology and the City of Pueblo.

  9. State Memorandum of Understanding (Ordinance)

    Get the background paper for the proposed ordinance of the state memorandum of understanding.