BannerInsideCity of Pueblo Receives Recognition from Getac


The City pilot tested the top three mobile vendors in the rugged mobile computing space for our Police and Fire Departments. The piloting testing took almost a year, and we finally selected GETAC computers to replace our old mobile computers for public safety. On March 28, 2018, GETAC held its global quarterly conference in Taiwan, and selected 3 North American customers to present at this  meeting. The City of Pueblo was one of the three selected. We were selected because of our approach used in selecting the final solution for these departments. This is a wonderful accolade because we are one of their smaller customers, and the City of Pueblo received global recognition for the process used in selecting our new mobile technology. 

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The City of Pueblo is the ninth largest city in Colorado, and as the largest in southeastern Colorado is the business hub of the region. Its history is steeped in Old West folklore, in history, and culture. It was founded at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek around 170 years ago, and has seen changes from its beginnings as a trading post, to a steelmaking force, to the proud proclamation as the ‘Home of Heroes.’ Pueblo is a community that has seen its ups and downs, but remains filled with pride, passion, determination, and perseverance. Around 110,000 people call Pueblo home. The Pueblo Police and Fire Departments, and city Wastewater Department have outfitted their vehicles with GETAC v110 rugged computers. The implementation of this technology will improve those services delivered by Pueblo’s first responders and service divisions to the citizens of Pueblo. Click here to see things in action.


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