Government Experience Awards 2023 The City of Pueblo has proudly achieved recognition as a distinguished finalist in the  Center for 2023 Digital Government Experience Awards.. View More
NAGW awards
The City of Pueblo’s Information Technology Department has received the 2019 Pinnacle Award and national recognition from the National Association of Government Web Professionals... View More

Image of 3CMA Award
The city’s website won the Award of Excellence in the 2012 Savvy Awards. View More
Image of 2018 digital cities winner
Find out what years the city won the Digital Cities award. View More
Image of MARCOM awards
The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals is an international organization consisting of several thousand members. 
View More
Image of GetacGETAC held its global quarterly conference in Taiwan, and selected 3 North American customers to present at this  meeting. The City of Pueblo was one of the three selected. View More
Image of AVA awards
The City of Pueblo has scored a top five place in the annual survey of top-ranked digital city governments. View More