Job Application


It is well documented that appropriately and completely filling out an application form is an essential first step in any job search.  This is particularly true for the City of Pueblo.  As impersonal as it may seem, your application is a very personal statement about who you are and what you offer.  It not only speaks of the tangible knowledge, skills, and abilities you can account for, it may also show some intangible traits such as your passion or drive for the job, your attention to detail, responsiveness, your ability to follow instructions, etc.

This page is intended to assist you in making the correct statement through your application and ensuring you start off on the right foot as you begin competing for a City career.

Who views my application and why?

What constitutes a complete application?

Why is it important that I have accurate and correct information on my application?

What can I do if my application is rejected?

How can I correct or submit additional documents to my application after it's submitted? 

1) If we find gaps in your employment that you did not account for in your application or if you have new or updated information related to your employment history, you can complete a Supplemental Work History form and submit it to our office.