In accordance with Civil Service Rule 35, any classified service employee with a satisfactory record who resigns from a position may on request be placed on the reemployment list for any class in which the employee formerly served.

If you are a former City employee and wish to be placed on the re-employment list, please submit the Re-Employment Request application.
 Please note that placement on the re-employment list is contingent on verification of the following: 
 (1) prior City of Pueblo service as a classified employee who held all the positions listed on the Re-Employment Request Form;
 (2) a satisfactory service record; and 
 (3) voluntary separation, which was not by action of the City or due to discreditable circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE:  Being placed on the re-employment list does not mean you will be contacted when a vacancy occurs, and hiring through this list is purely discretional.  It is your responsibility to contact the department or the Civil Service Office if you wish to be considered for a particular vacancy.